Kongenshus Plantation

When the Memorial Park was devised, the intention was to show visitors examples of the result of the work that was carried out by the many cultivators of the heath. One of the ideas that were thought up was to establish a farm and a plantation.

However, the farm idea was abandoned, as it was argued that the entire landscape around the Memorial Park is one huge example of what the heath could be transformed into.

The plantation of approx. 70 hectares, on the other hand, did become a reality. It is located in the southern part of the heath area, and planting was carried out during the years 1949-1953.

The plantation was landscaped in keeping with the modern principles of the time as regards earthworks and choice of tree species. The majority of the area is made up of the inner and outer belts of deciduous trees, which constitute the producing element and serve as protection of the coniferous trees. 

Growth has been good, and even now, the deciduous vegetation is undergoing regeneration. This happens via small areas, where the old vegetation has been removed completely, or under shelter trees, where the old vegetation is left as spread-out trees.

The Plantation was created in collaboration with Det Danske Hedeselskab (the Danish Land Development Service), and it makes up just a small part of the approx. 120,000 hectares that the Service has developed. Since then, the forestry work has also been carried out by the Land Development Service.

The heath area in Kongenshus Memorial Park was most probably covered in forests after the last Ice Age. Climate change and human activity are the reasons why the areas have not decayed into a heather-clad heath.



Access to the park
Access to the Memorial Park is free of charge. Signs with maps of the area can be found by the entrances to the Memorial Park and by the observation tower. You can follow marked hiking routes from these starting points. Please show consideration for nature and the sheep: Dogs must be kept on a lead.

There are car parks by the hotel Kongenshus Kro og Hotel, and by the observation tower. Access to the Memorial Park is free for both buses and cars. 

For people with reduced mobility

The Nature Centre and one of the hiking paths have been laid out for wheelchair users and others with reduced mobility. Furthermore, the observation tower is equipped with a lift to the observation platform six metres above ground.

Eating in the open
Enjoy your food in the picnic area around the observation tower. You will also find a bonfire site by the shelters behind the observation tower. Look after nature, and nature will look after you.

this is how you find the park

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