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Three shelters have been erected in Kongenshus Memorial Park, which anybody can use. Each of the shelters sleeps eight people. The shelters are located to the immediate north-east of the observation tower.

There is an outdoor kitchen at the back of the toilet building. Due to the risk of fire, bonfires and the use of barbecues are ONLY permitted at the bottom of the bonfire place, which is located in front of the three shelters.

Staying overnight in the shelters is free, and it is not possible to book the shelters in advance. All visitors therefore have the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature of the heath at all hours of the day.



Access to the park
Access to the Memorial Park is free of charge. Signs with maps of the area can be found by the entrances to the Memorial Park and by the observation tower. You can follow marked hiking routes from these starting points. Please show consideration for nature and the sheep: Dogs must be kept on a lead.

There are car parks by the hotel Kongenshus Kro og Hotel, and by the observation tower. Access to the Memorial Park is free for both buses and cars. 

For people with reduced mobility

The Nature Centre and one of the hiking paths have been laid out for wheelchair users and others with reduced mobility. Furthermore, the observation tower is equipped with a lift to the observation platform six metres above ground.

Eating in the open
Enjoy your food in the picnic area around the observation tower. You will also find a bonfire site by the shelters behind the observation tower. Look after nature, and nature will look after you.

this is how you find the park

Her finder du Kongenshus Mindepark

The Memorial Park

Kongenshus Memorial Park

Vestre Skivevej 142
DK-8800 Viborg

Tlf. 8728 1013

Nature Centre

Kongenshus NaturE centre

Vestre Skivevej 142
DK - 8800 Viborg

Tlf. 8728 1013

The Inn and hotel

Kongenshus Kro & Hotel

Vestre Skivevej 142
DK - 8800 Viborg

Tlf. 97 54 81 25